JKVP is always committed to quality and integrity, and that’s what reflects in our products that never fail to delight our customers.

JKVP maintains stringent measures to ensure the quality and purity of their oil provided to its consumers. Each batch of incoming and outgoing oil is subjected to different quality tests including presence of Colour, foreign matter, FFA & many more tests. The quality of oil accepted and dispatched meets certain predetermined standards. The oil goes through various processes such as Decoating, Expeller, filtering, Neutralization, Deodorization, Cooling & Packing to ensure that it is safe for human consumption. Our motive for following such strict quality measures is to ensure that there is no contamination while processing or packaging.

JKVP promises its consumers that it will continue to produce products of the highest quality standard. Its edible oil products are processed & packed in ISO & GMP certified plants & strict controls are exercised by quality assurance department on all the plants. Our plant is certified for FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Each and every batch that is dispatched from the factory is in compliance with the CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Procedures), SSOP (Sanitary Standard Operation Procedures) and ISO Standards. Also the Refined Arachis Oil produced is free of PCP and DIOXINE.

All the operations in our organization are manned by qualified & highly experienced personnel.

We at JKVP focus on motivated & hard working well qualified & trained personnel in front end as well as back end operations. The dedicated Field QA & QC team ensures that the products manufactured at the plant are handled properly.

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